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Computer Information Systems

Faculty in the Computer Information Systems undergraduate program at James Madison University worked with assessment and faculty development colleagues to develop a rubric and implement curricular changes to foster the development of key skills; interventions resulted in increased student performance and a budding culture of learning improvement within the program. 

Keywords: program, undergraduate, business, discipline-specific learning outcome, curriculum change, assignment design, rubric

Consumer Sciences

The faculty teaching a consumer sciences course at the University of Alabama collaborated to increase application/practice and teamwork activities during class after assessment results indicated students' shortcomings in critical thinking skills. Rubric evaluation of reflection papers showed students' skills increased after the pedagogical changes. Additionally, students shared that their perception of practice went from uncomfortable and unnecessary to essential to build skills.

Keywords: course, undergraduate, social science, critical thinking learning outcome, pedagogy change, rubric


General Chemistry

As part of an initiative to improve student success in its STEM programs, York College of Pennsylvania piloted adaptive learning courseware in a General Chemistry course. The courseware yielded improved student scores, with positive implications for use in the College’s other STEM programs.   

Keywords: course, undergraduate, science, discipline-specific learning outcome, pedagogy change, test

Information Literacy

The faculty member responsible for an American History course (a general education and transfer course) at Waubonsee Community College improved her students' information literacy skills by determining student areas of weakness and implementing scaffolded assignments as the solution. She used a modified AAC&U Information Literacy VALUE rubric to evaluate student performance on an essay question given as part the final exam.

Keywords: course, general education, humanities, information literacy learning outcome, assignment design, rubric

Pacific Islands Studies

The Pacific Islands Studies program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa engaged faculty and  creative-thinking graduate assistants in improving student writing skills and assessment measures. In addition to improving student achievement, the learning improvement process created opportunities for faculty reflection and discussion of teaching and assessment practice and led to a shared sense of purpose and accomplishment in meeting students’ needs.

Keywords: program, undergraduate, interdisciplinary, written communication learning outcome, curriculum changes, pedagogy changes, assignment design, rubric

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