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Scholarly Outlets

We encourage you to publish and share your work related to student learning improvement. 
In addition to submitting your learning improvement story to post on our website, the field has other outlets too, ranging from examples and how-tos to original research articles.

Conferences and Events

Emerging Dialogues

AALHE's Emerging Dialogues feature short, readable pieces with concrete examples aimed at increasing dialogue and understanding of an issue or topic. Open access, online.

Assessment in Practice

NILOA's Assessment in Practice contains short and informative examples that showcase meaningful assessment processes and practices from the field that can inform assessment activities at other institutions. Open access, online.

Intersection of Assessment and Learning

The Journal at the Intersection of Assessment and Learning is AALHE's peer-reviewed journal, published quarterly. Open access, online.

Occasional Papers

NILOA's Occasional Papers examine a current topic in learning outcomes assessment. Open access, online.


Example: A Simple Model for Learning Improvement: Weigh Pig, Feed Pig, Weigh Pig. K. H. Fulcher, M. R. Good, C. M. Coleman, and K. L. Smith. National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, Occasional Paper, December 2014. 

Research & Practice in Assessment

Research & Practice in Assessment is a peer-reviewed journal that will continue to promote learning improvement and welcomes such articles. Open access, online.


Example: Special issue on learning improvement, Research & Practice in Assessment. K. Busby and K. Fulcher, Editors. Volume 13, Winter 2018

Journal of Assessment in Higher Education

The Journal of Assessment in Higher Education includes research articles, reviews of research, and critical evaluations. 

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