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A variety of publications on learning improvement provide theoretical frameworks, empirical evidence, and practical examples. 


Improving Student Learning at Scale: A How-To Guide for Higher Education by Keston H. Fulcher and Caroline Prendergast. Stylus. 2021.


  • Assessment Update, Volume 34, Issue 6, November/December 2022, with 5 articles on learning improvement.   Download/view the submitted versions of the Assessment Update articles as a PDF.

    • Worth The Squeeze: What Learning Improvement Is and Why It Matters by Jill Allison Kern, Jillian Kinzie, and Keston Fulcher 

    • Readiness for Learning Improvement: A Reflective Process by Linda Townsend, Pamela Tracy, and Jodi Fisler 

    • Structuring for Sustainability: Advice for the Learning Improvement Facilitator by Megan R. Good and Diane E. Boyd

    • Fostering Learning Improvement Projects: The Importance of Faculty Development and Reflection by Teresa Flateby, Scott Benson, and Kathleen Gorski

    • The Future of Assessment and Learning Improvement: Equity, Mindset, and Scholarship by Monica Stitt-Bergh, Christine Robinson, Mitchel L. Cottenoir, and Julie Bauer Morrison​​

  • Special issue on learning improvement, Research & Practice in Assessment. K. Busby and K. Fulcher, Editors. Volume 13, Winter 2018. Download the published issue (six articles)

    • From the Editors by Katie Busby and Keston Fulcher

    • Bringing Together Assessment and Learning Improvement: Dreaming Big for an Inaugural Summit by S. Jeanne Horst and Allison J. Ames

    • The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: New Challenges to Using Evidence to Improve Student Learning by Charles Blaich and Kathleen Wise

    • Why Assessment and Faculty Development Need Each Other: Notes on Using Evidence to Improve Student Learning by Michael Reder and Cynthia Crimmins

    • Considerations and Resources for the Learning Improvement Facilitator by Kristen L. Smith, Megan R. Good, and Natasha Jankowski

    • Refining an Approach to Assessment for Learning Improvement by Monica Stitt-Bergh, Jillian Kinzie, and Keston Fulcher

    • Example of a Program-Level Learning Improvement Report by Diane Lending, Keston Fulcher, Jeremy D. Ezell, Jeffrey L. May, and Thomas W. Dillon​



Listen to our two episodes on the Leading Improvements in Higher Education podcast hosted by Stephen Hundley, IPUI, which is a service of the Assessment Institute. 

s03e02: A Conversation with Contributors to a Special Issue of Assessment Update Focused on Learning Improvement

s02e05: A Conversation with Three Colleagues Representing the Learning Improvement Community

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