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Tenets of Learning Improvement

The Learning Improvement Community collaborated to establish its goals, scope, the tenets of learning improvement


Readiness for Learning Improvement: Assessment Planning Tool

Our community members created a readiness tool (download Excel file, readiness tool) that assessment practitioners, educational developers, faculty, and others can use to self-assess a group's readiness to take on a learning improvement project. Please give it a try!


Books, Articles, Videos, and More

We've gathered a bibliography, including recorded presentations and materials to take your learning further.


Learning Improvement Stories

Assessment practitioners, educational developers, and educators, have collaborated to improve student learning. Read their stories.

Oil on Canvas

Story Writing Guide

A guide to writing learning improvement stories with your faculty: From start to finish.
This guide for assessment practitioners walks through the four steps in collecting and crafting learning improvement stories. It includes tips, guiding questions, and email templates.


Video forthcoming

Watch this 5-minute video to learn how learning improvement intersects with other student success efforts such as graduation and job placement. 

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